Terms and Submission of the Articles


We provide a platform for the open communication without restrictions and pressure and offer leading experts from Ukraine and the EU an opportunity to comment with “an advisory capacity”.

  • Journal “Brussels Ukraїna Review” has been established for opinion exchange between the experts in the field of EU-Ukraine relations from Ukrainian and European sides.
  • Our readership – opinion leaders, decision makers, experts – the same individuals (representatives of organisations) who also write for us.
  • We distribute the Journal in Ukraine and in the EU among influential actors of EU-Ukraine relations (persons and organisations, identified by us as such or those who showed interest in receiving the Journal online or offline).
  • There are both, printed and online versions of the Journal as well as html version for each article and video-marketing for some articles.
  • Plan for the second edition – 10-13 articles (1,5-2,5 pages); 2-3 interviews (2-4 pages) with change- makers.
  • Frequency of the Journal – 3-4 times a year.
  • It is not a reporting magazine (no news but rather analysis of actual topics. See 1st edition: Brexit, Steinmeier formula, land reform etc.).

Brussels Ukraїna Review is a culmination of several enthusiastic works, submitted by our team, intent on promoting European values in Ukraine and voicing the views of the Ukrainian Civil Society in the EU. We believe in a European future for Ukraine and the need for a continuous discussion on urgent issues related to the EU-Ukraine dimension, the relationship between Ukraine and individual Member States, the political and economic situation in Ukraine and Ukrainian society in general.

Therefore, we cover a wide range of topics and we publish different types of articles- short overviews, opinions, interviews, long analytical and research papers. We can also consider a short pitch to evaluate and let you know if a full article can be of interest to us.

Submission of the articles

We welcome experts to submit their work to be published in Brussels Ukraїna Review.

Deadline for the 2nd (April 2020 edition) – 30 January 2020

What we are looking for in the submitted articles:

  1. Since Ukraine is in the heart of the journal/magazine, we accept the articles that have links to Ukraine. We mainly expect analysis of economic, political, social, environmental affairs in the field of EU-Ukraine-Russia relations. Articles feature Ukraine as sovereign democratic European state in accordance with international law where justice and human rights are highest values.
  2. Timely character/Topicality/Relevancy. Times are changing and it is important to keep our readers up to date on all the current trends and issues. Topicality also attracts more attention and interest and allows for a wider dissemination of your work. The journal is published 2 months after the submission of the article. It has to be considered during writing. Before publishing the article we ask authors to actualize the information if necessary.
  3. Expertise exchange. Since we deliver our journal to analysts, researchers, politicians, government top leaders and it is important for us that they read a high quality publication prepared by experts.
  4. Originality. We only accept original papers that give new insights, another point of view, and not banal.
  5. Authenticity. We accept articles that were never published elsewhere before.
  6. We accept articles in either Ukrainian or English. We take care of the translation. It means that authors are only liable for their original texts.
  7. We advise not to use any references. All references should be integrated into the text (rewritten in away that is easy for the reader to comprehend).

Submission must include:

  • Title
  • Text – 1,5 – 2,5 pages of A4 , Times New Roman, 12 pt. (800-1500 words)
  • Full name in Ukrainian / English, position, organization, city, country, email, tel. nr.
  • Your short biography that reflects your expertise in the topic you are writing about.
  • Photos: photo of the author for sketch and some photos in life situation (original photos) in high resolution must be attached to the article.

Other recommendations:

Although we take care of the translation and proofread, we kindly ask the authors to pay attention to the orthography, use of unified terminology and abbreviations (introduced with the first extended word and further unified), use of full names instead of only family name, grammar rules etc. This approach will speed up timely publishing of the Journal.

Attention: the illustrations to the articles are made by the team of the Journal; the photos of the authors are made in sketch (see the 1st edition for the example). By sending your photo(s) you agree with this condition.

For better reach you may suggest the contacts of potential readers to whom you would like us to send the Journal.